Hall of Spirituality

The courses offered under this section were developed by Master Choa Kok Sui for the spiritual aspirant in today’s modern world. He believed, deeply, that spirituality is not reserved for those who retire into the mountains after a lifetime of work, but is a vital aspect for each of us to invite into our everyday lives, bringing to them greater meaning, direction, perspective and purpose. We are honored to be offering these teachings to those who are seeking for esoteric and spiritual truth.

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Courses in Spiritual Series

Achieving Oneness with Higher Soul
This course discusses the meaning of ‘Soul Realization’. You will gain a greater understanding of spiritual anatomy, a deeper knowledge of esoteric definitions and teachings.
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MCKS Arhatic Yoga® Preparatory Level
This is a specialized workshop for those who wish to become more effective healers. you will learn how to utilize color prana for quicker, more effective healing results.
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For those who are on a quest for spirituality, Pranic Healing can help too. Pranic Healing goes beyond...