Hall of Prosperity

Abundance comes from a Latin root meaning “to move in waves, undulate, flow.” These courses have been developed, by Master Choa Kok Sui, to impart teachings and techniques in the application of energetic principles to attain balance, prosperity and abundance in one’s life.

Abundance is much more than the material wealth that is sought after in our culture today. The ancient principles of abundance included the creation of a harmonious balance among the different areas of our lives (finances, health, relationships, prosperity and spirituality) and encouraged students to understand the integration and overlap of internal and external conditions. These courses are aimed to introduce the spiritual aspirant to the inner sciences of success, abundance, materialization, and feng shui while remaining grounded in universal and spiritual principles.

Courses on the path of Abundance and Prosperity

This term is translated into “power through purification” and the class is designed to teach you to properly harness the power of your thoughts, subtle energies and intentions to manifest a life of prosperity.
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MCKS Pranic Feng Shui
In this course, you will learn very unique teachings in the field of Feng Shui, that are creative and solution-oriented. The course focuses on the qualities of energy from the different directions.
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MCKS Spiritual Business Management
A unique course that was designed with the intention of introducing spiritual and esoteric principles in the successful and prosperous management of your work and personal life.
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